RESUMPTION ! School resumes on the 13th of September 2021 (JSS1,JSS2,SS1 and SS2)

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We warmly welcome students to study at Babcock University High School, and enjoy a diverse student population from different countries around the world. Babcock University High School is sited within the campus of Babcock University behind the University Church. The university itself is located on a spacious land space of 140 hectares situated in Ilishan Remo, Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria, roughly halfway between Lagos and Ibadan in South-West Nigeria. The school has over 200 academic and non-academic staff. Teacher-student ratio is 1:15. This makes our school to be one of the best in the state, if not throughout Nigeria. Babcock University High School is the 1st choice of most parents/guardians while seeking for admission for their children or wards. The school welcomes application from prospective students regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or gender, whose principles and interest are in harmony with the ideas and traditions of the school as expressed in its policies, objectives and culture. Admission into the school however is a privilege and not a right and may be withheld or withdrawn by the school at its discretion and in harmony with its mission purpose.

The school welcomes application from prospective students regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or gender, whose principles and interest are in harmony with the ideas and traditions of the school as expressed in its policies, objectives and culture.

The Principal

Our Services

Comfortable Hostels

The hostel life at Babcock University High School is a very interesting and pleasant one. It could be described as home away from home. Children from various backgrounds are in the hostel regardless of their race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or sex. Children from all parts of the country, Nigeria as well as from Europe and United State of America are living peacefully and harmoniously together in the hostel.

Amazing E-Library

The BUHS library is established to enhance reading skills, to support the curriculum, to encourage innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The High School Library practices an OPEN-SHELF SYSTEM. Borrowers are free to go directly to the shelves and withdraw books they need. It Provides an environment conducive to maximum learning efficiency.

Conducive Classroom

A conducive environment has a positive effect on students simply because it can determine how and what the person is learning. At BUHS, we have taken up the responsiblity of providing an environment with reliable electricity for students to sit, learn without discomfort there by increasing their productivity. Students should be and are motivated internally as well as externally.

Sports and Games

At Babcock University High School, sports participation is more recreational than being competitive. The school is blessed with seasoned and experienced fitness and classroom professionals in exercise and sports science who instruct the students in skills learning and tutor them on desirable sports values in accordance to Seventh Day Adventist philosophy- “holistic education”.Indeed, BUHS is a citadel of learning where sports and games have become a way of life.

Health Care

The school has a well-equipped sick bay where students are looked after by competent, qualified health practitioners. The health practitioners are fully available 24/7 should any student fall sick unexpectedly. Also, the school is affiliated to one of the best private teaching hospitals in Nigeria located within the school premises named Babcock University Teaching Hospital where students receive the best possible medical care by qualified doctors.

Extra Curricular Activities

Education in Babcock University High School is designed to facilitate an all-round development of student i.e. physical, moral, social, mental, emotional and aesthetic development which provides young minds opportunities for self-expression and self-fulfilment in life.The creation of clubs form a valuable part of each student’s life. This provides opportunity for enrichment, leadership training and social well being of the students.

The school has ten academic departments to facilitate effective teaching and learning; and in pursuit of National Policy on Education of three years of Junior Secondary and three years of Senior Secondary Education in Nigeria. The departments and their heads are as follows;

1 English & Literary Studies.

2 Mathematics.

3 Business Studies.

4 Arts.

5 Social Science.

6 Physical Science.

7 Technical Education.

8 Computer studies.

9 Vocational Studies.

10 Biological Science.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: We offer 14 subjects at the junior school, 19 subjects at the senior school. Average teaching load of teachers is 18 periods per week. The Vice Principal Academics in collaboration with ten HODs monitor teaching and learning on daily basis.

The school does the following examinations;


1 Junior School Certificate Examination (State JSCE)

2 Junior School Certificate Examination (NECO JSE)

3 Jamb, TOEFL and SAT


1 West Africa School Certificate Examination (WAEC/SSCE)

2 National Examination Council (NECO/SSCE)

Entrance Examination: The school conducts entrance examination into JS 1, JS 2 and SS 1. Past question booklet are available for sale. However a good performance in entrance examination will only lead to the next criteria for placement - interview in the admission process.

ADVENTIST EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY/HISTORY: Adventist education believes in holistic education, also, encourages work study with meaningful labour during and after the school hours.


The situation of academic performance and records of Babcock University High School, Ilisan-Remo is impressive, enticing and has been applauded nationwide and abroad. It is indeed a record to beat, glory be to God. Since the establishment of the school, the High School has always strived for the best. For each year, 98% of our graduating student, gained admission into University with five credits and above. This has made our school to be constantly in the news and print media, for example Vanguard of Thursday May 1, 2008 captioned as follow: Babcock University High School set pace with 100% success at SSCE. Also it was reported in Thisday newspaper of Wednesday April 30, 2008. The reasons for this giant academics feat are not farfetched. Firstly, the quality of the teaching staff is never played with or compromised. We have highly qualified professional, experienced and God fearing staff. It is a self-evident fact that the quality of teachers or tutor play very important role in educating the young minds and will definitely affect the ability and the performance of the students. A teacher can only give what he / she has.

Secondly, our students are made to realize that no good success can come to any one without co-operating with God. The moral and spiritual aspects also matter to us. For a student to graduate he/she must be seen to be fit in learning and character. So this discourages truancy and immoral act and allows students to have focus in their academic pursuit.

Thirdly, our students are adequately exposed to rich co-curricular activities that are academically challenging. In addition we allow them to visit schools and participate in various academic competitions. Our school has won several medals & awards in many competitions. Also, our preparatory classes are well organized and monitored. We also organize extension classes that are intensive in nature and focusing on external examination preparation. Intervention classes are organized for students with academic challenges with no extra cost to the parents.


The school was approved by Ogun State Ministry of Education on May 16, 1995, with circular letter titled Provisional Approval for the Establishment of Adventist Seminary High School, Ilishan Remo, in 1995. The school was approved to run both Junior and Senior Schools. Accreditation team of Ministry of Education Abeokuta, West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) approved the following subjects;


1 English language.

2 Mathematics.

3 Basic Science and Technology.

4 (Basic Science, Basic Technology, Computer Studies/ICT and Physical and Health Education).

5 PVS (Agric. Science-practical science, Home Economics and Entrepreneurial Studies).

6 NVE(Civic Education, Social Studies and Security Studies).

7 French Language.

8Christian Religion Studies.

9 Yoruba Language.

10 Business Studies.

11 Cultural and Creative Art.


1 English Language

2 Mathematics


4 Economics

5 Geography

6 Physics

7 Chemistry

8 Commerce

9 Government

10 Yoruba Language

11 Visual Art

12 Further Mathematics

13 Computer Studies.

14 Home Management

15 Agriculture Science

16 Christian Religious Studies

17 Literature in English

18 Technical Drawing

19 Physical and Health Education

20 French Language

21 Financial Accounting

22 Civic Education

23 Marketing

24 Catering Craft and Practices

25 Welding and Fabrication

26 Data Processing

27 Animal Husbandry

28 Paint and Decoration

Academic Calendar

1st Term – September – December

2nd Term – January – 1st week in April

3rd Term – May – July


Internal examinations hold on termly basis

C.A. – Continuous Assessment = 40marks.

End of term Exam = 60marks

The Junior School refers to JSS 1, 2 and 3 i.e. Basic 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

External Examinations – JS 3 only

JSCE NECO – National Examination Council

JSCE Gateway Examination – conducted by Ministry of Education, Ogun State, Nigeria




Other Academic Activities

Quiz and debate competitions.

Inter-Schools Quiz and debate Competition

Born out of incessant strike actions of the Nigerian civil service in 1995, Babcock University High School is now known for her exemplary high curricular and extra-curricular standards in Ogun State in particular, and Nigeria as a whole. As a Seventh-day Adventist high school, other schools in its environs and beyond are looking unto her students and staff as models for spiritual, moral and academic excellence. This may account for her relatively large students’ enrolment currently put at one thousand three hundred and fifty students, drawn from both nearby and distant places, home and abroad. This has no doubt defined the school as an international school that comprises students and qualified staff from almost all the continents of the world. That notwithstanding, we have stayed focus on continually enhancing the academic, moral and spiritual outlook of the school because it is recorded by Luke that “Jesus kept increasing in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). Luke affirms that Jesus grew intellectually, physically, spiritually, morally, and socially which is regarded today as wholistic educational development in all Adventist institutions. We believe that, for students to be rated as successful, they must be successful intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially and morally. The office of the Vice Principal Administration is saddled the responsibility of directing and controlling the affairs of all non-academic staff department such as: The hostel, Cafeteria, maintenance, Ventures, Security, Purchasing and the Counseling unit. However, the Vice Principal Administration work directly with the principal on administrative issues. BUHS is a place to visit! BUHS is a school to enroll your ward!! BUHS is a home away from home!!!

What our students say