Adventist Youth Ministry

RESUMPTION ! School resumes on the 13th of September 2021 (JSS1,JSS2,SS1 and SS2)
Pathfinders Club

-On Fridays :the Pathfinders Club of the school that has its root in the church come together to showcase what they have been learning in different units of the Pathfinder Club and also to welcome the Sabbath.

Pathfinder Club / Adventist Youth Ministry
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In the pathfinder club there are lessons to learn in the areas of physical, spiritual, and social growths. It is a wholistic training for the youths that are between age 10 and 15. Those who are 16 and above are given another package that is a little advanced than that of the ages specified for the pathfinders.

The club was inaugurated by Pastor Isaiah O. Abolarin then Youth Director of South West Nigeria Conference on May 1995 and the first Pathfinder Director was Pastor A. O. Olaoye and it had six units having eight memberships in each unit. Now it has eighty units, forty for each sex, as a result of increase of population in the school.

Programs in the pathfinders club

-Fridays: Youth activities where they will showcase their talents in areas they are taught. This is between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. This exposes them to leadership in all areas of life because of various aspects of learning.

-Saturday: Youths come together to learn together in their progressive classes, and they are as follows;

1Age 10 : Friend Class

2Age 11 : Companion Class

3Age 12 : Explorer Class

4Age 13: Ranger Class

5Age 14 : Voyager Class

6Age 15Guide Class

7Age 16* Above:They are in the Ambassador Club

-On Sunday:They come together to have sporting activities like running, hiking, knot tying, football, jumping and other sporting activities.

The pathfinder club is a uniform organization where they wear Sultan Khaki and forest green, Neckerchiefs and other materials that identified as a pathfinder.

Singing groups are an integral part of this club because it showcases their talents and how they could be useful for God.