Business Studies Department

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Mission Statement

To use a simple language, Business as a concept refers to anything a man does in order to earn a living. Therefore our mission in this department is to interpret faith into the learning process of training young minds the art of earning a living in as morally justifiable manner and be academically viable so as to be useful to God and humanity.


Economics is offered by all students from SS1 to SS3. Materials for reading are available for the use of both teachers and the students in this discipline. Business studies is taught as a subject in junior classes to train and prepare students for further careers in Economics, Commerce, Financial Accounting, Secretariat Studied e.t.c. in senior classes. Keyboarding as an aspect of Business studies is an art of skill acquisition in manipulation of keyboard letters, sign, and symbols. The junior students from JSS1 to JSS3 are trained in this area. There is a well-equipped Computer room in the school for their training. See below, the photograph of students in the keyboarding laboratory learning how to operate the keys of ABDF: of the left fingers and ;LKJ of the right fingers. Shorthand is another part of Business Studies from which students can acquire knowledge for future use especially in the areas of Journalism, Secretariat, Administration and other related areas.

Subjects Offered

To actualize our vision, the Business Studies department is training and producing students and graduates in the areas of

  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Business Studies
  • Keyboarding and Shorthand