Computer Studies and ICT Department.

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The Computer Studies department was established in September 2012. The department was formed out of former Mathematics and Computer department. The establishment of Computer Studies and ICT came as a needed step towards coping with the vast and fast developments in the IT sector and in response to the huge demand for information technology studies. The fundamental purpose of the computer studies program is to provide students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to achieve success both in Junior and Senior Secondary School External Examinations, post-secondary education and daily life. ICT tools are used to deploy the school curriculum and enhance qualitative teaching and learning in the classrooms. Through the support of the school administration the department has been able to integrate the use of interactive whiteboards into our classrooms both in the junior and the senior Schools. This technology motivates teachers and students to interact effectively, improving chances of student retention during classes; it aids students’ success by making them to copy accurate notes during the lesson. The classrooms, offices and laboratories are networked both wire and wireless using star network topology to connect to the central device for easy management and network monitoring.