Vocational Studies Department

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Acquisition and development of skills for self-reliance.

Mission Statement

To impact knowledge through the training of the minds and the hands of the students for self-reliance and selfless service to God and humanity through thorough teaching and practical demonstration


The vocational department of Babcock University High School is a very viable and versatile department whose philosophy emphasizes the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social and the spiritual powers.

Scope of Subjects

Junior School

  • Pre-vocational studies (Agriculture Science and Home Economics) taught from JSS1-3
  • Cultural and Creative Art (Fine Arts, Music and Drama) taught from JSS1-3
  • Senior School

  • Agricultural science
  • Home management
  • Visual Arts
  • These subjects are taught with the aim of enabling each student acquire practical skills and knowledge for self-reliance and self-actualization.

    Note: At Babcock University High School, it’s compulsory for students to offer one of the aforementioned vocational subjects from SS1 – SS3 and register it in both West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council Organization (NECO) examinations, while Junior School 1 to 3 students offer all.

    Presently the school has avocational training centre where students can be trained in any of the following vocations:



    Fashion Designing

    Creative Arts

    The school farm is also managed by the Agric Unit of the department. All geared towards enabling each learner acquired practical skills for self-reliance. The department through music unit has also made efforts t equip students who signified their interest and committement towards acquiring a skill on musical instruments of their choices. Afterwards presents the students for Music international examinational examinations such as Associate Board of the Royal School of Music, London (ABRSM) of which the school is registered.